Aims & Objective


The school aims to provide strong intellectual foundation that prepares students to continue their education further. This is achieved through a curriculum with clear statements of philosophy, aims, and content and assessment procedures.

To provide students a positive, stimulating and caring environment encourages the fulfillment of individual potential and the growth of esteem in all areas: academic, and personal.

To encourage the students to engage in open enquiry, creativity, decision making and independence of thought through teaching methodologies which encourage active learning, critical and creative thinking and expression, questioning, reflection and self assessment.

To create an environment that develops knowledge and respect for different cultures and beliefs, facilitating the ability of students to traverse cultural, regional and social boundaries and to be active and responsible members of the world community.

To develop within students an attitude of individual responsibility based upon the values of honesty, self-control, equality care end concern for other.

We strive to instil in our students, strong personal convictions and right values to motivate their action. To achieve this we seek to form in them a right conscience in their relations to God and their fellowmen with a thirst for truth, a sense of social justice, genuine concern for other and obedience to lawful authority.