The school has spacious well furnished and ventilated classrooms. A team of well qualified experienced and dedicated staff who work with a collaborative spirit to make the institution a worthy place with strong values.


We have the following well equipped laboratories :-

i Science Lab:

The school has well equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs where regular practicals are held.

ii Maths Lab :

Provides better understanding of concepts by involving students in a number of activities. Visuals models give shape to well defined theory concepts.

iii Social Science Lab :

The changing world scenario has brought about new ideas even in the field of social science. Study of maps, diagrams, audio-visual aids makes the subject matter interesting. Our lab is decked with ail these facilities including working models, syncline, anticline, interiors of the earth etc.

iv English Language Lab :

To sharpen the speaking skills-with clarity in utterance, phonetics, good pronunciation, forming correct sentences free of grammatical errors an English lab is set up where students of a class can individually use head phones connected to the speaker which is connected to the main console, through which they converse with the teacher concerned.

v The Computer Lab :

We have two full fledged computer labs one for primary and the other for higher section with Internet facility where every student in the assigned period gets a computer to work with.

2. Library 

We have two Libraries one for primary and other for higher sectibn.There are about 7 thousand books and 25 subscribed periodicals in our library. The informational needs of students and faculty are fulfilled in the Library. The school with great care serves the requirement of the child with latest updated reference books, journals, magazines and other competitive books.

3. Counselling Service

Counselling service is provided to help students cope with academic and other emotional problems. Slow learners with reports of behavioural and other problems are given special counselling sessions. Career guidance is also given to those who seek options in subject choice and career opportunities.

4. Infirmary

The school has an infirmary to care the sick and to provide first aid. Trained councillor/ lady teacher is on full time duty in the infirmary.

5. Outdoor Sports

Extensive and well maintained play fields of football and cricket and courts for volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, throw ball and badminton are available to students.

6. Indoor Sports 

 Indoor facility for chess, caroms, table tennis is also available.

7. Co-curricular activities provisions

i. Karate

Students who take special interest in Martial Arts have provision for Karate classes.

ii. Dance / Music

Students are trained in western / classical dance and music.

iii. Art / Craft

To enhance creativity the students are taught drawing, painting and handicrafts.

iv. Yoga

For better concentration in studies and to keep away from stress yoga classes are held under the guidance of the yoga teacher.

Interested and talented children can avail a great opportunity to learn what they love.

8. Special Coaching

The school gives special attention to weak students by taking remedial classes, whenever required specially for Std. X & XII.

9. Scouts & Guides, N.C.C. (Air wing & Navy wing) and Natinal Social Service(N.S.S)

To inculcatethe spirit of patriotism and a sense of social service, students are motivated to become cadet.

10. Band Groups

We have the best band troop with latest instruments like pocket trumpet, trombone, cornet, french horn, cymbals, bigul, drums etc. coordination and synchronisation in using these instruments to the latest tunes is encouraged among students.

11. Club

Every student is expected to become member of at least one club. The clubs are as follow :-

Nature Club :Learning to love the environment and nature and to observe to the 'Green Rules' for a clean and green surrounding.

Literary Club :To encourage the public speaking, creative writing and confidence building in the students to sharpen their inherent talents of performing arts.

Sankalp Club : Sankalp means 'to commit'. The club was formed with an intension to commit ourselves to the cause of the poor and needy and to be in solidarity with the underprivileged. Students here get opportunities to do some social service.
Health and Wellness Club : To raise awareness about physical, mental and spiritual wellness of the students, to identify, encourage and enhance the sporting talents.
Encor Club : Encor the tech club aims towards making the institution self sufficient. With the primary objective to create a tech rich environment for students of all ages by providing them with all the latest tech amenities.