Every student is expected to become member of at least one club. The clubs are as follow:-

Nature Club

Learning to love the environment and nature and to observe to the ‘Green Rules’ for a clean and green surrounding.


  • To create an understanding of the environment and its requirement.
  • To enable the students to take measures and steps at their level to save the environment.
  • To start the drive among students and hence the society that say “Let’s go Green”

Literary Club

To encourage the public speaking, creative writing and confidence building in the students to sharpen their inherent talents of performing arts.


  • Discover and nurture the artist, poet,author and performer among the students.
  • Encourage innovative ideas along with instilling moral and social values.
  • Impart soft skills that will enhance personality and raise self-confidence of the students.

Sankalp Club

Sankalp means ‘to commit’. The club was formed with an intention to commit ourselves to the cause of the poor and needy and to be in solidarity with the underprivileged. Students here get opportunities to do some social service.


  • To create awareness about social disparity and develop a helpful attitude towards the needy. To inspire others to join them in solidarity with the less privileged by contributing  material and personal support.

Health and Wellness Club

To raise awareness about physcial, mental and spiritual wellness of the students, to identify, encourage and enhance the sporting talents.


  • To make adolescents aware of current physical activities.
  • To collaborate with health care communities for awareness of health and wellness.
  • To develop efficient ways to lead a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy life.

Encor Club

Encor the tech club aims towards making the institution self-sufficient. With the primary objective to create a tech-rich environment for students of all ages by providing them with all the latest tech amenities.

Encor is an initiative to pool the talents of all geeks of St. Xavier’s under one roof.

E = Explore

N = Nurture (young & creative)minds

C = Create

O = Operate

R = Research