General Admission Rules

  1. Admission forms for different classes will be issued against vacancies only.  
  2. For admission to K.G.I age should be 4 by 30th June.  
  3. Amount paid for the admission fee at the time of admission is non-refundable. Therefore parents are advised to take admission only if they are genuinely interested.
  4. Admission to other classes depends on the availability of seats in the particular class after the results. Entrance exam will be held for the same. The candidate will be tested in the matter of the class previous to the one for which he/she is seeking admission.
  5. For admission to K.G. an official birth certificate (Municipal) should be produced. Students who have attended a recognized school cannot be admitted without the transfer Certificate of the last school attended. The Transfer Certificate of the students other than CBSE must be countersigned by the District Educational Officer of the State.
  6. Any attempt to influence the authorities through recommendations, falsification of the date of birth or pressurization from any quarters will automatically disqualify the applicant from getting admission.
  7. Principal’s decision for admission will be final.
  8. School authorities may expel a student on any of the following grounds.
  • Constant weakness in studies
  • Behavioural problems
  • Irregular attendance
  • Indifference to the school activities
  • Moral breach considered serious by school authorities
  • Failing for two consecutive times in the same class.
  • A month’s notice shall be given in writing by the parents/guardians before the child is withdrawn otherwise the fees of the current month will be charged.
  • In case of withdrawal, transfer certificate and other security deposits will be released on clearance of the school dues. The application form for T.C. is given in the diary and should be submitted two days in advance.